Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Guest Wi-Fi - Setting up a private hotspot

If you have frequent visitors at your business or home, you will probably be fed up with them asking for your WLAN key (password) every time. You may want to share your WLAN with friends or visitors, but really you shouldn’t reveal your main network key, but rather set up a guest WLAN for them to use.

Why would you need to set up a WLAN? Quite simply, if you let friends or visitors onto your own network, you are legally responsible for all that they do on the World Wide Web. If, for example, they visit illegal sites or download content, the “owner” of the WLAN will be held responsible. Another problem is that if malicious software has been installed i.e viruses or trojans on one of your friends’ devices, you will open the door to them on your own network.

Guest wifi in your business or home

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Guest WLAN
No matter where you are, everyone is permanently online on their smartphone or tablet. If you are surfing using LTE or 3G your data allowance is used up very quickly. Apps and Internet will run very slowly or only partially load or not at all. So because of this. If WLAN is available, whether it be in a shopping centre or at a friends house: we will use it if we can.  Of course you agree to share your wireless LAN because you are a good friend. But ideally you should set up a guest WLAN for them.

How does a guest WLAN or private hotspot work?

A guest WLAN operates independently of its “mother” WLAN, has its own SSID (network identification). This can be individually configured. Users connect to the Internet as usual, but have no access to the local network and the devices installed there. Many of the current routers already provide a default feature, such as ” guest network “, ” guests “, ” guest access “, or ” virtual access points “. Certain pages or services can also be completely blocked or restricted by the filter system for guest WLAN.  For example, with the right settings, you can ensure that pornographic content will not be shown.

Guest WLAN securely

When setting up a guest WLAN access, you also need to exercise caution. Often, the basic settings of the routers are configured to provide an open network without additional password protection. This means that anyone and everyone can connect to it. Even the guy parked outside of a neighbours house – or your neighbours themselves. Therefore, the guest WLAN should also be secured via WPA2 and password.

At Limbtec we can assist you in setting up your WLAN and also advise you on how to set up guest access.

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