Thursday, May 28, 2015

Why Monitor

How costly is it for your computer systems to be down?

Another question to ask yourself is how much does it cost if your systems aren't working properly?

It's for this very reason why we monitor our business customers computer systems.

There is still a possibility that something catastrophic could happen, but with our monitoring having eyes on your systems 24 hours a day, it is less likely that something thatmight cause problems happens.

We monitor your

  1. Hard Drive physical issues
  2. Hard Drive Free Space
  3. CPU usage
  4. Memory usage
  5. Anti-virus updates
  6. Backup has completed or not
  7. Windows updates actually install
  8. Event Logs
We can also monitor traffic across your network, and printers

Monday, May 25, 2015

Why you should monitor your computer network?

Why you should monitor your computer network?

Like it or not your IT network is a key part of your business, even if you only have 1 computer, chances are, you use it for your email, checking the web, placing orders, storing documents ……….

The truth of it is that these complex pieces of equipment are just basic tools for business in modern times.
So you need these tools to be ready and able to work, when you want them to, and not in their own time.  You will also want to make sure it is protected, and so is the data on your computer (Server or Network). All of this would take time, and knowledge.  

Is this the best use of your resources?

If you were a larger business you could afford to have an IT Department to take of this? But you’re not (and if you are then this solution still may be better for you)
We would recommend all of this is monitored, 24 hours a day 7 days a week, and yes you guessed it 52 weeks a year.  Enabling the little issues being caught early on then they can worked on before they become a bigger more serious problem, leading to down time.

But more than monitoring your Hardware, and event logs, items such as backup can be monitored to ensure your backup has been successful, and that your antivirus signature updates are up to date.  How about your windows patches, are they done, and then your other software, are they all up to date?

And lastly some simple maintenance that should be done, but are you sure it is being done?
Our monitoring tool, does much more than just monitoring, before you know it, we can be monitoring your computer for issues, resolving them (sometimes without the end user know we are doing it) and making sure it is running at its best for you

Leaving you to get on with your business, and not having to worry about the tools enabling you to do this.

For a FREE 30 day trial call 01752 546967

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Computer (Internet) Security

There are numerous FREE internet security software packages out there, but are they enough to protect your computer (or device)?
They might be, but the threats are coming in from an ever increasing number of ways. Although most free products do offer a good range of protection against viruses, they don’t necessarily protect you from item such as boot sector viruses, or malware. They may or may not have additional items such as firewalls, parental controls, or content filtering. But that may be OK for basic use. If you are a business then most of the free versions out there aren't able to be used legally in any case.
And what if you find a virus with a free application, and it tries to clean it, but it doesn't work properly, who do you turn to? Google/You Tube! These are your options or to turn to your local Computer Support/Repair company to try to clean it for you (or worse case retrieve your data and rebuild the system)
Does it protect you from browser hijacking, and other Malware which is becoming more frequent on the internet today?
We have seen extremely good results in our Managed Anti-Virus, you still get a software package (Fully Featured) installed on your computer, but because it reports to a central panel on the internet, we can be alerted to the fact you have a virus, and if the system has managed to clean it for you! If it hasn't we can clean it for you (sometimes remotely), we can even tell if it hasn't been updated for a while, this is useful as one of the first things a Virus should do is to try and stop your anti-virus from working!
Don’t Worry it isn't some dodgy software either it is AVG Cloudcare for more details visit or call us on 01752 546967.