Tuesday, January 27, 2015

One Note

I have had the intention of using One Note more for a couple of years, but always revert back to the trusted pen and paper.

However it is now becoming harder and harder to find the note I wrote many years ago. So before Christmas I checked through the various options I had to store note going forward electronically and in the cloud.  And there are many good products out there, but I have One Note on my phones, on my tablet, Laptop and Desktop so it was a no brainer to choose this as my app.

Setting it up

I had a couple of years of miscellaneous notes stored already, but none of them were of much use
 So the First thing I did was to set up various notebooks
Note Books 

Then I created the Sections I wanted to begin with, with the Notebook open here, "My Marketing Plan and Ideas" the sections I started with were:

Items - a monthly break down of the items to market each month, so each month had a page with a numbered list of items on it

Method, a quick reminder of how, and where to market.

Article, with a page for any articles to write, or copies of interesting article I had found as a source of some good articles.

SEO, place to put SEO articles of use.

Other Notebooks are more fluid than this one, Customers Notes, are used and amended on a daily basis, and the BNI notebook is accessed and altered at least weekly.

So far, and a month into using this system it's working. Although I am still a work in progress, and often find myself reaching for my trusted notebook and pen to make notes. Luckily so far I have managed to then add these to the relevant notebooks.

Best thing is no matter where I am I have access to these notes, and have used them several times remotely to get access to data I need when a client calls when I'm away from my desk.

I will revisit this article in months to come to keep you updated of how I manage to use the system, and if it replace the grabbing my notebook as my reflex action.