Monday, September 15, 2014

Just how old do you want your equipment to be!

We are seeing a rise in the queries regarding repairing equipment that really should be put out of it's misery!
For example, my laptop is running slow and has viruses on it.
The laptop is actually a 7 year old laptop, absolutely smothered in all types of malware.  So not surprising that it is running slowly, once all of the malware is removed, then it is time to get to work on cleaning it up and trying to get it running better.

Problem is this is going to cost a great whack of what it would cost to get a nice super fast laptop that will give you another 5 years of pleasure.

Also servers that are still running Windows Server 2003, yes it is still supported (at least for the next few month) but when the hardware is 10 years old, and your entire business is on it, is it worth the risk!

So here is a trick we use with customers, if you put it on a lease (or any type of finance) cost the upgrades to be paid down over 3 years, scope the equipment to last 5 years (this gives you 2 years) with the payments you would have made over these 2 years you make save this and use it against the next lot o purchases.

On the plus side you always know that the equipment isn't costing you too much in lost productivity (As long as you have it properly maintained) Your staff will be happier.  And slightly more important you aren't risking your business.

Lastly please remember the best way to change your server is to have it changed in a planned fashion, which isn't an option when your 10 year old server fails!