Monday, May 13, 2013

Windows 8

So Microsoft have announced some changes to Windows 8, the adding of a start button, and the of booting directly on to the desktop, instead of the Metro interface.

Both changes were obvious to anyone that tried the operating system last year when it was in Beta. You have to wonder why Microsoft didn't make the changes before release!

But the item that bugs me the most and I hope Microsoft will change is how Podcasts are handled on Windows Phone 8.

I left it a little while but last week I upgraded my Windows 7 phone to a nice new Nokia Windows 8 Phone.  The phone is great and the OS works.  However when I migrated from Windows phone 6 to 7 I forced to use Microsoft Zune Product to sync the phone, and included in this was how I handled podcasts.

So over the last 2 years I have grown to like Zune, It worked well with my phone, it downloaded the podcasts I wanted to listen to, it synced them to my phone.
So i plugged my new phone into the computer and got greated by a box saying please download this software. Completed this task, (which if you are in a full windows environment I don't think you should have to)

Then spent a few minutes trying to figure out how to sync my podcasts?
You can't, well unless you have Apple's Itunes installed.  OK so many might have it installed, but I do not, new PC a few months back, and as I don't use iTunes why would I install it.

I now have this massive task of installing iTunes (and why does this want Outlook shut to install!!)
recover my old account?
Sign up to all those Podcasts, download them, sync them.

All I can say to Microsoft is WHY?