Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Windows 8 May get the start button back!

For those customer who have purchased a Windows 8 Computer, one of the biggest issues we see is the lack of the start button.
People have got used to using this for everything, and with it demise and the move to the metro (tiled) interface Microsoft took a gable.

For most people it has been easy all we have done is add task bar icons for what they use, and for most people that will be Email, Web, Word, Excel and Line of Business Apps.

This week I then got chatting at an event for techs to others who fairly much agreed once you got used to it then there really wasn't a problem. Then up on Goggle + popped this link
So from this it looks like Windows 8.1 will include a start button (with reduced functionality) and the option to boot to desktop, and not go straight to the metro interface.

I wish when Microsoft are being inventive they stick at it, and not back track as soon as possible.

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