Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Everything is New!!!!

So we now have a new version of Windows Server (2012), A new version of Windows Operating System (Windows 8), A new user interface.... And on and on......

But none of this resolves the biggest single issue we are seeing.  Customer both Business and Consumer with computers that should have bee retired many months or even years ago.  Problem is they end up failing, and the the client wants their data back, without it costing anything?

So what can you do about it.  Data recovery could cost anything from £100 to , well £1000's.

Home User change your computer regularly, back up your data, online, or an external device (use a usb memory stick and not an external hard drive, you can guarantee the drive fails at the same time your computer goes.

If you run a business, well you should be backing up in any case. But with our clients we recommend a system that should last for about 5 years, write it down over 3 years, and if you have to replace it then, well no problems, it's been written down. If it lasts for 5 years well happy days.

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