Friday, September 30, 2011

Wow What a week!

So it's been a busy week, mostly because I have had 2 days off, to celebrate my wedding anniversary.

However a few points from the week

BT are running the fibre for our exchange to have FTTC. I really can't wait, I haven't been this excited since I was about 5, we will shortly have Fibre run to the end of street, and as soon as I can I will have super fast Broadband instead of crawling along at 5MB, I will sprinting along at up to 40Mb.

Back to work items,

Please remember your UPS is there to supply power whilst the mains electric is down, however it won't last all night. Know where the circuit breaker is so you can reset it.

Simple first
We had a mac in yesterday who could view flash stuff in safari. He had tried everything, this kind of stumped us, but if we had kept it simple, and made sure that Safair had add in's enabled then it would have worked. It was so simple it wasn't even listed on the Internet anywhere.

Try the simple first.