Tuesday, July 19, 2011

BT Actually COMPLETE some work

So to follow up on yesterdays post, BT have completed the fault.
A problem on the cable from street cabinet to the exchange was causing the phone to ring, but the problem with noise on the line, was still there. The engineer traced this back to a fuse at the exchange.

Now taking this fault right back to when it started some 3 and 1/2 years ago, it started when our exchange and lines were changed over from 20CN (Old Network) to 21CN (New Network).

I have suggested to BT that they check for an issue at the exchange and I have been told endlessly that there wouldn't have been an issue here.


Still I am hppy the issue has been resolved, now will BT offer me compensation for loss of earnings last week???

Monday, July 18, 2011

BT Fault system is faulty

So the BT Cable issue has risen its ugly head again, below is a timeline along with my feelings. I CAN GUARENTEE you won't get my anger or angst from these writings but towards the end of June our phone started ringing, maybe only once or twice, but this would happen every 10 - 20 minutes. I then submitted a fault online on the 5th July, and the turned up on the 8th July. He diagnosed an issue with the cable from the property to the junction box. And would request a replacement of the cable between the 2. The forecast date for this work to be completed was 14th July at 5PM.
Sure enough on the 13th July at lunchtime, some contractors came along to dig up the pavement outside the house, to lay some ducting to allow the cable to be run, so far so good. All on schedule for the job to be completed on time.
The 14th came and nothing happened, I contacted BT at 7PM, it will defiantly be done by close of play tomorrow. The 15th came, and then at lunchtime @BTCare on twitter picked up on my tweets. Sending me a tweet with a link to a form to fill in.
I duly filled in the form. And nothing happened, no work carried out, no sign of an engineer. Nothing.
Then lunchtime on Saturday 16th July I had another message via twitter, can I please fill in the form. (ARRRGGGHHH!) I have done this. This was followed up by a call on Saturday evening at around 7PM telling me it would be done by midnight. My response was well they best be quick, after all drilling holes through external walls in a residential area is not best undertaken late at night!
Nothing happened, so I left it on the Sunday, on Monday morning this morning, I phoned BT, you see by pure chance Vodafone/HTC can't supply handsets that work either, leaving BT unable to contact me.
Yet again this would be fixed today, yes but I WANT TO ESCALATE THIS, I HAVE NO FAITH IN BT completing the work at all ever.
After getting off the phone I emailed the CEO BT Groups office, I HAVE HAD ENOUGH.
This fault has been ongoing for over 3 years, now things moved really quickly. with a tweet from @BTCARE telling me the cable was being run at 12.55, and then a voice mail message at 3.53 saying it was being run, but it could be anywhere between the exchange and my property so I might not see anyone. SO WHY DID THEY DIG THE HOLE IN FRONT OF MY HOUSE!
Just after 4PM the engineer turned up to do the job, he was given at 3.30 hours after I was LIED to telling me the engineer was laying the cable. After running the cable and going the extra mile, I still had a faulty line. After further diagnostics, it was discovered my fault is between the street side cabinet (Located at the end of the road) and the exchange.
Now this is almost certainly the fault that has existed for years, and to add to this I was lied to constantly, the sort of lies we associate with politicians, met police officers, and the news of the world.
Added to this, the hole been dug cost somewhere in the region of £500, engineer’s time??.
My time lost earning stuck at home for 2 days £800. AND STILL NO REPAIR.
Just how much money does BT WASTE every day, and image how much our bills could come down if they fixed the fault the first time.
I hope and pray that my issue will be fixed tomorrow, but my quest for compensation for lost earnings will probably go on for another couple of years.
Will things improve when we fibre to the cabinet? I doubt it, I truly believe until the cables are removed from the control of the BT group things won't improve we won't get the world class Broadband we are constantly promised.
Watch out for @BTcare on twitter, they try to help, as do the people on the phones, but this only moved forward after I contacted the Chief Execs Office. This is plainly wrong, as is lying to customers.
Tomorrow I may just run a piece of string to the exchange, with paper cups on each end; this is the only way I will get a quality phone line