Friday, March 18, 2011

Don't trust just anyone

OK, had a disturbing email last night!

Why do companies in other service sectors believe they can support computer systems!

It has actually come, just as I have been putting the finishing touches to a report about things that Computer Support Companies don't tell their customers. However there are some interesting sections with regards to what the report refer to as do-it-yourselfers, and what damage they could do.

I do sometimes thing why should I continue to spend money to keep certifications up to date (Again another section of the report)

To keep it simple and stop me building up to a RANT, let your accountant do your accounts, let your book keeper, Kipp your books, let your remote Admin Company do your admin.

Do yourself a big favour, and let a trusted certified IT/Telecomms Company do your IT and Telecomms.

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