Thursday, October 22, 2009

Windows 7

So it is here!

Windows 7 is here and yesterday we had endless emails regarding should I upgrade, what will I get?

So the marketing machine of Microsoft has finally got it self together and has produced a good marketing campaign for the Launch of Windows 7.

Some people, who shunned Vista, not because it wasn't any good or it didn't work, but because it was different to XP are going to concerned. The User Interface (UI) is obviously been tweaked from Vista, we would recommend that you get to grips with this UI as it isn't going to go back to the XP interface, which lets face it is the same as it was in Windows 95, and well past a make over. It works better with newer hardware in particular with the search functionality and the use of Hard Drives which may well be a terabyte or larger in size.

Our Recommendation is to get some training in how to use it.

One comment we have heard from people who did make the move to Vista is "We found nothing wrong with Vista as such – but absolutely nothing beneficial about it either" Please remember Windows is the Operating System it's job is to allow you to use the programs and access features to allow you to actually do the work.

Under the Hood

OK there are some good features under the hood, with the above now published, some of these new features just won't be found the home group could be a very good feature if you take your laptop home from work, it is a feature that has been mentioned to me from a customer who got his hands on a Release Candidate version of 7

All being well, and software running on it , our recommendation will be the same as it was to Vista, the changes from XP to Vista will only be built on. Likewise the changes from Vista to 7 will only be built on, keep on saying XP is the platform for me, will mean you end up with something to old to repair, and use effectively.

From the real world

For those who followed our experience of using 7 in the real world when Microsoft released it to partners, was far from inspiring. For the first week the systems would crash 2-3 times a day.
During the weekend, and just as we were going to uninstall it we had a whole stack of Windows Updates.
I took the decision to run it for another week, and it has been running ever since (Literally, I think I have turned it off once).

It works, it hasn't altered anything really we were running Vista before.

The last word is a warning don't forget if you are administering a WSUS installation then go and add Windows 7 to the products so you have the updates.

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