Sunday, September 06, 2009

The last post was not strictly true

The last post was not strictly true, it wasn't a busy week, the week was bonkers.

Laptop Screens - we ended up repairing about 10 laptops.
Top Tips on looking after your screens
  1. These are fragile items, so don't pick your laptop up by the screen, the weight of the laptop maybe enough to break the screen.
  2. Don't leave it lying around someone will either standa on it or drop somethign on it, and again this will break the screen
  3. Don't hit it in rage, this will break the screen
  4. Do clean it with a wipe.
  5. Do use a proper laptop case to keep it in - these normally provide some protection.

If it does break, you are going to have to have it replaced, although normally covered on insurance it may not be worth claiming, a 14.4" Wide Screen will cost you £120 from us, that is fully fitted and includes the VAT. Smaller screens (Netbooks) will cost from £70, larger screens upto £170.

Also had to deal with the normal, day to day management of our business customers, along with some replacement motherboards.


I think I want to have a quiet week next week, but the truth is we already have a lot of work booked in, and this will grow throughout the week, still hopefully we should get the Job Ad placed next week for an IT Technician to join the team.