Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Busy Week

Well, we had a very busy week last week.

Still working away at the Insurance quotes, but looking forward to a week of our core work. Working with small businesses to get them using IT and Technology in a suitable manner and giving them an advantage.

We have just completed a server rebuild we did last year. OK it seems a long time, but this customer has an SBS server, and weren't using the Exchange part of it at all. However we did the change over yesterday morning, and that has all gone smoothly, today I have installed Blackberry Professional Software for the 1 Blackberry they have in the business. Which will shortly be getting replaced by an I-Phone.

All that is left is to move their current messages into their exchange profiles. The reason I left this til last, they are currently on a hosted Exchange solution, and so just to make sure they don't lose any emails we have left it until tomorrow morning.

They have been thinking about Swine Flu, and moving everything on to their box, they can all work remotely should the need arise.

A few upgrades, and a network install for a Small Business to do next week. Bound to be more coming in during the week.

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