Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Is it the weather

Well, as we have now had the long term weather forecast, re-forecast for the worse! I am left wondering if our sudden increase in work load, is down to the fact people aren't going on holiday, so may as well get the computer sorted!


Not so smug mac users, in the last week or so we have been inundated with broken I-macs, ranging from faulty Logic Boards (mother, or Main Board for those PC Users), through to faulty WiFi connectors (Airport to Mac Users), to breaks in the case!


A complete range of issues with laptops, and most of the owners are looking to get a replacement on the insurance. We have had drinks spilt in them through to laptops being pulled of of furniture.


An ever increasing number of enquiries about our business support, and network support services, good news all round.

Most of this is down to people being able to find us, and the reason for this is that we have kept up our spend on advertising.

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