Sunday, February 22, 2009


This is an add-in to Outlook (2003 & 2007) which makes the information within outlook that much more valuable. Even if you use it just to search your emails, you will see that it is faster and more useful (IMHO) than the outlook search.
It also provides a wealth of stats, the website calls it Email analytics giving you graphs, ranking, and statistics detailing how you and your contact use emails.
You can also navigate your email by people, and by doing this you can discover who your contacts know. This is such a useful feature as you can easily find someone who knows a way in to a business you may be trying to target.
You can schedule appointments, by 1 click, and view your emails as a threaded conversation, enabling you to read your emails in context.
You can view the attachments that have been sent. All contact details can be viewed in the side bar, and it also integrates with Linkedin and Facebook. Along with connections to Skype, and Yahoo Mail accounts.
Bill gates said it is the must have add in to outlook, and I say it is the way email should be.
It also connects into your Linkin account and Facebook, as well as Skype and you Yahoo Mail account.
If you want to make sense of your email go to and download and install this software


Anonymous said...

Xobni is a great tool..a simpler plug-in, that shows your friends' photo and business card in the email header pane, would be SenderOK. It also tells you what emails you've previously had from that sender + any attachments sent.

Unknown said...

Problem is senderOK, is simpler, however it doesn't work with exchange, you are also missing out on the link in with Linkedin, and Facebook.
And from there sorting out relationships.