Saturday, September 20, 2008

Disaster strikes

Disaster Strikes - It is very important to keep your data safe and secure. We hear endless stories of Government and big Businesses losing data. But it's not just losing data that is a problems for any business. What about losing data due to damaged computers?

Recently a customer of our who keep archived documents on a removal hard drive, the problem is that a big parentage of data recovery jobs are actually for these devices as they get knocked, and dropped they get damaged slightly. The customer was already putting measure's in place to stop this being a major issue.

The other main cause of hard drive failures is when computers are moved, and again due to excessive knocking or bouncing around.

Then the tables were turned as a customer of both of these customers, data was need for a job for us to be completed, the only people who had the data was ourselves.

The reason being is that we have a very robust data security process, so much so we can lose our office and our server etc, and I can be up and working in hours from home.

Don't get caught out, make sure your data is backed up securely and in more than one location. For more details of how we help our customer visit our website