Sunday, April 27, 2008


At the start of the April I upgraded my trusty O2 Orbit to th Orbit2.

At firsy it was a great phone, however over a period of a couple of weeks, the Bluetooth performance steadily got worse, unitl it was useless.

I phoned O2 and was sent a replacement handset. And yet again the Bluetooth headset didn't work. So I tired the headset on another phone and it worked, so I tried another headset on the Orbit2 and it didn't work. Phone O2 and was sent another phone.
The frist Issue I have with O2 service is here. Before you can change handsets to another model you have to have had 3 handsets. Sorry if it doesn't work on 2 it is unlikely to work on the 3rd.

So the 3rd came and it to didn't work, phone call to O2 and was asked what handset I wanted. Simple something that has a working Bluetooth connection, and was a windows mobile 6 handset.

I was sent an Argon, which is Windows Mobile 5, and O2 don't have an upgrade to Mobile 6. On top of this the phone is more like a Brick than a phone.

So I am keeping my Obrit2, and will revert to my Orbit. Until O2, (or HTC the company that make the phone) bring out a patch or I can find a Bluetooth headset which works.

Why can't O2 produce a list of compatible headsets that have been tested?
Why 3 hand sets, 2 would be better, but then why not 4.

This has cost me a lot of time and money. Something I won't be repeating, and so I have told O2 when my contract expires I will be off to pastures new. Why are old customers treated worse than new ones.

If we all changed providers, each year perhaps the roviders would look to give their customers a better deal.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Busy week

What a busy week! Well a busy couple of weeks.
We've been installing new computers, network equipment and printers.

We have also had some major issues, with Line Of Business applications running on windows Vista. This is in all honestly the first major issue we have had with Vista, and in this case we wouldn't had recommended these computers to the customer.

We have also been completing the migration of our online back up customers to our new platform, a job which was completed this afternoon. It still amazes me that so many businesses don't backup. What will happen when you suffer from a data loss? It will happen at some time.

Also we are seeing our hosted anti-spam solution take off, we have recently had a customer who on one email address was receiving over 6000 emails a day of which about 20 were good emails the other 5980 or so were spam.

Also saw our first data recovery which we could not recover any data from. The hard drive was totally trashed, still at least the owner was understanding.