Sunday, March 25, 2007

Ofcom - are they affective????

OK I have 2 issues with Ofcom guidance,
The first is in getting PAC's
I want to change my mobile provider (please don't contact us we have a deal all sorted)
However I contact Vodafone on Tursday afters (about 3 PM) to get a PAC (Porting Authorisation code) Friday just past noon, I got phone call from Vodafone wanting to know what they could do to get me to stay. Well you could give me what I have asked for, the change of the 2 handsets, and the new more expensive tarriff. At this point I will let you know that it isn't that they won't let me have the handset I want but the want me to pay £128 for it now, this is down from £300 in January for it.

As mentioned at £128 for 1 handset and the second lower spec at about £30 It old them I wasn't interested, my new provider is giving me these for FREE.

It then took them another day to progress the PAC request. Guidance from the Ofcom website say that the pac should be able to be given within 48 hours of request (it does say this id during working days) However it took them 48 hours from my request to request the code. Apparently I will get a phone call from them tomorrow mornig with the codes (I'm not holding my breath here)

The second case is a MAC for Broadband change. This is for a customer as we resell, and this is our last account to move over to the new supplier. They had a request for a MAC and did not action it until the invoice was raised on this connection. Even though the guidance on this says they can't hold back they are. I will post more on this once it is resolved, but as I am complaining tomorrow to Ofcom I don't want to add to much more here.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Microsoft Office Live

Are you a small business, or thinking of starting a business.
have a look at Microsoft's office live.

Depending on what you want, this could even be free. You get a free domain name, and you will then have a business looking email address.

I always get worried when I see a new business, with a hotmail or gmail address. Even worse when it is an established business.

We are currently working on plans on how we can support businesses using Office Live.

If you want to give it a try (currently free as it is in Beta) but want to have some back up, sign up and contact us we will come and see you and give you free support for the short term whilst we develop our offerings around Office Live.