Tuesday, February 20, 2007

On Line Petitions

OK, it's been all over the TV the on line petition against road charging

There are a whole host of serious petitions, but there are some that are just so stupid.
How about signing the following
Remove station ID logo's from all TV channels - annoying but how do you know which channel you are looking at!!
Stop Roadworks In lowestfoft - OK road works are annoying, but they are sometimes a necessary evil!!
Ban Glass from Bus Shelters - The buses around here don't stop unless they see you at the bus shelter!!
And if you want a good laugh check out the rejected petitions, and yes there are petitions to stop petitions being rejected.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

VAT On-Line

I'm fuming mad!!

History - my VAT return is due, no big fuss here it happens to all registered businesses. I have been paying on line for a while now. However they have stopped sending out the paper copies.

Today - I now haven't had a prompt to supply my return, (no paper copies remember) and today 15th of February is the first day I have had a chance to compile the figures!

So go to log on to submit the return, and then start 40 minutes of frustration. Eventually ending with a message telling me that the system isn't currently available complete with a link to a page where I can check the status of services. Except on this page the Evat service is fully available.

My problem is that when will the system be up and running. No good emailing them they have a 15 working day response time (3 weeks) my return is due in 2. What happens if they can't get the service up and running!!!

Another example of bad use of technology by our government.

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What's next

OK not strictly technical, but thought I would share this publicly.

We have been approached by several local IT companies recently wanting to purchase our company.

Why have i decided to share this. Well firstly just to make sure there aren't too much confusion. And secondly to reassure our customers.

I rejected both bids without any thought for 2 reasons
Firstly we are a family run company and for the foreseeable future this will continue, and secondly we focus on quality and not quantity. I'm not saying the companies involved do a bad job, but to extend their business they are looking for quantity and I firmly believe that quality will suffer.

We will be growing this year. But we are still weighing up our options. However we decide to grow we will not let quality suffer, and indeed will actually be looking to improve quality by growth.

I will be keeping you posted on this first here on the blog.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy with Vista at last

People who have read past blog entries here and maybe on other Message Boards will know how unhappy I have been with Vista, since I started playing with it what now seems a long time ago (July 2006)

It nice to see that many of the things I have complained about the most have now had work done on them to make them work how they should.

I'm still not sure when clients will start rolling this out, I am still fairly certain it is going to be when they upgrade hardware.

But even though I have had the release product running on my Laptop for over a month now, I still used to boot into Windows XP. This has been for 1 reason only, my Vodafone 3G Data card would not work.

This morning Vista told me that there was a fix for this, so off i went and downloaded the new software. I now have a working solution.

And the new software also seems to be worth the wait.

Don't just take my word for it,
download it and use it if this has caused you problems.