Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Free Broadband Packages

Sky has thrown their hat into this ring.
Think with caution before signing up.

I have had Sky almost since the beginning, we currently subscribe to all of the channels, and have a SKy Plus system, along with an extra room.

So I had a look at signing up for the free (to sky subscribers) package. This is really only to use as a backup to our own Broadband offering.

For the free package, you get up to 2Mb connection with a 2Gb download cap. You get a Free router, and antivirus package. But have to pay £40 connection fee.

However surprisingly enough I am only able to get Skys Connect package, which allows me to connect at up to *mbwith aa 40Gb cap. Subject to the £40 connection fee, and £17 a month fee.

So who will get the free packages? I wonder what the issues are with the Orange or TalkTalk plans.

I suspect we will see over connected lines, ending with very slow connections. Broadbandand doesn't need to cost that much If BT charged less for the LLU etc, we could see BB package prices being slashed.

I still recommend using a proper ISP, or thing very carefully about the free packages before connecting. I can see that in the not too distant future that one of these packages will go badly wrong and there will be a lot of unhappy customers.

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