Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Why use Technology

It's Veterans day in the UK.

Last night I was a meeting of a technology group.

When the question was raised why use technology?

After picking myself up off the floor. How do you sell something you aren't certain is the answer?

Let take an example of how technology can make live easier and slightly simpler.

Let take a sales rep who is based in Plymouth, but has a meeting in Exeter (About 40 miles away)
The meeting is to close a sale.

First of he travels by foot and Train to Exeter, the train journey takes just under an hour, but with his walk either side he takes 1.5 hours in travelling time each way. That is 3 hours where he can't do anything. He is in the meeting for an hour, then returns to Plymouth where a document is typed and then posted to the customer for signature, and to be returned by post.

He has spent 4 hours travelling and in a meeting, and the document won't be finalised for a number of days.

And remember this was very much the situation not so long ago.

We have now progressed with technology, and now the following situation could well be occurring.

The meeting happens in a virtual boardroom, using web-cams.

Whilst the meeting is going on the contract is being altered, and upon completion of the meeting the document is emailed to the customer, who signs it and sends it back.

Deal done, in hours, not days and weeks.

I am not sure there are any situations which can't be improved by using technology, it is about using the right technology to help people and business achieve it's (their goals easier).

So why use Technology

Monday, June 26, 2006


We are now going to restart the blog.

Limbtec have been busy since the last post. We didn't disappear just too busy to blog here.

What's new?

We now offer a whole new range of products, VoIP, Data Back UP, and we are jsut about to put the finishing touches to managed services. And we are also working on another new avenue, more details will be published when and if it goes ahead.

Pop back for details of VoIP, Data Back Up, and our new ADSL Range, not forgetting Managed services as we complete them.