Thursday, February 24, 2005

Governments virus warning site

Now, yesterday saw the British government launch a new site. Now although I think the basic idea is good the problem I foresee is that because it is aimed at the home user / Small business computer user. These people may try and cut IT costs by not having a god up to date anti-virus product installed.

The warnings this site will provide is only of the major viruses, they estimate 6 to 10 a year.

We believe that we in the UK could see a rise in the about viruses, due to people not having Anti-Virus Products installed. I already see a lot of this, and the site goes as far as it can without stating don't bother with Anti-Virus.

Although it does tell users how to update windows, and Office products. What about all the other products.

Yet again the government have produced too little too late. It needs to state on the front page get yourself an anti-virus product and get it now. Links to Vendor Sites, and maybe local companies which can help would be good as well.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Free Mojtaba and Arash Day

No post last night, had one of those days yesterday when you achieve absolutly nothing but worked really hard.

The Title, if you don't have a blog then the Title may not have any meaning at all to you.
The above two are Irianian bloggers imprisoned for blogging. So much for free speach!! For mor info click the banner below

Sunday, February 20, 2005


Why is it that people put a computer in kids bedrooms or in a room away from the family?

THen when it no longer works because it is so full of spyware, and viruses do they aske what can we do about it!

move it somewhere where you can see what they are doing! Simple.

Apart from that I have been very busy in business resolving human error problems.
You know the kind of things like the printer no longer printes from the correct page what have you done to it?
The other item which has taken up a lot of time is getting sftware which should run ok to run with out errors!

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Been Busy

Well, I knew I would not keep it up, but I haven't posted just because I have been so busy recently.

What have I noticed!

Despite the laws of physics surrounding wireless network connections, you can never tell what sort of connection you will get. 2 installations since the last post, first one in an old house with solid thick walls and an excellent connection where ever you connect. The second reasonably modern house, with stud partitions and a really weak connection. Similar distance, but if you take the laptop down a floor a reasonably good connection!

I spent the best part of a day and half waiting for and chasing up a delivery of a big printer. Apparently no one was at this end to help pick it off the van, however the 17"tft monitor with it was also not delivered so it seems if you ask AMTRAK to shift a parcel weighing 5KG or more in Plymouth you have had it, drive down to their office to pick it up, and don't forget some ID with name address etc on it. However if they just delivered the goods you wouldn't need ID.

Hopefully should get to post more next week, little less busy at the moment.