Monday, June 15, 2015

Hard Drive Faulty? Perhaps you need data racovery

You've discovered your computer has an issue, and it is a Hard Drive Issue, or your external Drive doesn't work!

You have data on it that you need and haven't baked up, what are your options.

PANIC! now that you've calmed down give us a call!

Depending on what has happened we may be able to recover your data in our Plymouth Workshop, if the Hard Drive is physically damaged like the one in the image (one of our customers) then we would send it away to our partner company.


Because we don't have a clean room to take the drive apart, or the equipment or spare parts to get the drive to a state the data could be recovered. Of course you could just send it away to a company you have found online, and there are a lot of them around.

The drives we can recover from in our Plymouth Workshop will be worked on, and as much of the data as possible will be recovered, and then returned to you either on a new Hard Drive or a USB memory stick.

And after all this don't forget to resolve your problem on not backing up in the first place.

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