Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Computer running slow? Upgrade it today!

Is you computer running slow?

Perhaps you've run out of storage space?

Time for an upgrade!

One of the big issues with how we use computers these days is that they start running slow, sometimes within weeks of purchase!

Generally it is either because the spec of the computer wasn't right in the first place, or you have ran out of resources.
Normally you have run out available memory due to the programs you are running. Or you have filled your hard drive with all your pictures and videos.

Simple answer and relatively inexpensive solution is to have your system upgraded, so some more memory added, or your hard drive changed to a much bigger one. With the Hard drive we can even clone the old hard drive so your system will be exactly as it was before the hard drive change.

Even better this week until 12th June we are giving you a 10% rebate on the total charge of the upgrade.

Call 01752 546967 or visit http://limbtec.co.uk/it-services/hardware/upgrades  for more details.

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