Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Broken Laptop or computer? You need a computer repair

With the cost of Computer equipment (Desktop, Laptop, Notebook, tablet etc..) dropping all the time, is it worth getting it repaired if you damage your device?

Well that depends, if it is relatively new then it almost certainly, but if you have a 6 year old laptop,
needing a board repair, almost certainly not! We had one recently like the example above, and with a repair bill running to around £160, and it approaching 6 years of age, then it just wasn't worth it. In this case the customer put the money towards the cost of a new laptop.

However if it had been his screen needing to be replaced it might have been worth the cost of £100. When a computer needs to be repaired then we will diagnose the fault, and then come back to you with a cost to repair it, and only when you agree to this do we carry out the repair.

So is it worth having it checked out? Absolutely, at least then you know how much it is likely to cost. Then you can decide if you are going to repair or replace. For further details visit our website

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