Sunday, October 12, 2014

Some times I think why bother

Last week, we had several incidents, nothing new there, but I was left drained come Friday.

First call an elderly lady (home user) called to say she an old computer but it doesn't come on, an engineer was dispatched to see what was happening, after telling her that a 7 year old PC if found faulty wouldn't be worth repairing.  Engineer on site, turns everything to here the customer say, oh what button did you press I didn't touch the screen thing!  Yes she hadn't turned it on, and the computer was older than stated as it was running Windows 2000!

Next call from a sole proprietor, who had dropped their laptop, and now the battery is broken, as it doesn't charge, after explaining this would need to be confirmed, or the fault found, well I won't bother I can't be without the laptop, which means this will fail totally just when they need it most.

Which runs nicely into the next call, after a call last month with a faulty screen/Graphics system on a laptop, and I can't do without it, oh hang on it works fine after a reboot!
The laptop gave up, so can you fix it now, simple answer it is going to take a day or two depending on what work is required, I will just buy a new one then, oh and can you get it working today for me.

I have a simple mantra of we do your IT and Tech and you get on with doing the business you're good at.  Simply, your business will more than likely need your IT and tech to be running.  So it deserves to looked after properly, monitored and managed, so you get the best out of it, with regular replacements planned, and organised.  Your business will suffer to varying degrees if it fails, whilst it may cost you a few hundred of pounds, or tens of thousands, I'm sure you would much rather have it working for you, than costing you money.

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