Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Windows Phone 7.5 Update

Earlier this week @msukpartner asked on twitter for inital thoughts on the Windows Phone 7.5 update.

So here are my thoughts, far to long to put in tweet.

Firstly, I want to update my phone, I don't want to update not only my Zune Software, but the a new driver to my phone. Just to update my phone. With the new feature of updating podcasts over the air, perhaps Microsoft need to enable the phone updates over the air. Even if the phone has to plugged in and connected over WIFI. This has to be the way forward.

So after about 24 hours of installing other updates, I finally got to sit through a long and anxious wait of installing the Mango Update.

Initial impressions - Well what is new, honestly completely underwhelmed, and couldn't see anything that had got me so longing for the update.

20 hours with the update, I kind of like the grouping of emails, it does help whilst on the move. But I'm not sure this is going to be completely beneficial in the long term.

Podcasts, I have just recently rediscovered podcasts. I spend too much time on the move to keep up with everything. I suddenly found that I could subscribe over the air to the podcasts. Loved this, until it wiped my library of unlistened to podcasts. Which is totally rubbish, and completely unacceptable.

Well that is about as much as I have found so far, I know there are a lot more changes and enhancements, so I will write another blog on this in a week or two.

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