Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is the World of Retail finished

Is the world of retail really finished!

With a rash of high street chains shutting down, the shape of our high streets are changing.
The blame is being put on the increased use of the Internet by certain parts of the press.
However those on the web were always going to see this, happen and here is my beliefs why!

  1. When I started working for an Internet Service Provider back in 1999, it was obvious that online shopping was really an add on, and wouldn't attract customers in it's own right. (This was really proved right with the .com bubble bursting!)

  2. The supply of broadband is now seen as a commodity, although we complain endlessly about it, it makes it easier to do the shopping on line. (I know there is a small percentage of people who either can't afford it or don't want it, but they are NOW in the minority)

  3. We all want a bargain, and with goods generally costing less, on the web, why wouldn't you,

So what has this all to do with Limbtec?

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