Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March - what a month to date

Been a busy strange few weeks, firstly we were hit with a massive spike in Fake Anti-Virus infections, and just as we were getting over that, the Windows 7 issue stuck it's ugly little head up.

So the fake AV has sunk again, but will increase at some point in the future, be wary of this, and don't pay to activate the product it just doesn't work.

More of a concern is the Windows 7 issue, there are several fixes available, but to date I haven't been able to install it on my system! On top of that I had to re-install my Operating System, as it was so screwed up by this, and on top of this I have been continually repairing the installation of my Applications.

Microsoft have a record of this, when i entered the IT industry Windows NT 4 had just had a re-release of SP5 (SP 5a) (it might have been SP6. It is 12 years ago now.
Then we had windows 2000, without any major issues with Service Packs. Then we had it with Windows XP, and a Service Pack 1A! Windows Vista no problems, will we end up with a Windows 7 SP 1A!

I have decided as my computer is due for replacement to leave it alone, until I replace it in the next few weeks.

And now time to concentrate on some of the new projects we are currently working on.

Until Next Time......

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