Monday, February 21, 2011

What a difference a router can make.

Today, we installed a new Threat Management device for a customer.
As part of this we installed a new Router, the old one had started to drop the connection.

WOW - a massive speed boost. Knowing how far the customer was from the exchange I always wondered why they weren't getting a speed of around 18Mb. In fact they were getting between 9 - 10 Mb!

So the Threat Management Device was configured,and ready to be installed on their network, as was the router. Plugged everything in, and it seemed to take an age (it was probably only about 30 seconds) for the ADSL to get into Sync. But when it did, it connected up. Next up was to test it was all working and those processes allowed through, were getting through, then a quick speed check. and bang just under 20Mb download and a shade under 1Mb upload.

Later on we then needed to remote in to the servers, and what an amazing difference this makes, it was like working directly on the server.

So if you check on the BT website what speed you should be able to get, and you actual speed is different, then it may well be worth checking your router, and possibly changing it. doubling your speed just by changing your router!

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