Thursday, October 14, 2010

BT Again

So a whole lot of trouble first thing this morning.
We noticed our monitored servers all dropping off the Internet starting at around 7.30AM this morning, not only customers of our broadband service.

Although we were also affected we were able to minimise the issue wit our mobile Broadband cutting in. We Contacted our suppliers who confirmed to us what we had already guessed.

This issue affected people not using BT as there ISP, who were on 21CN network. I say that because i have spoken to a couple of people who use BT Internet and they didn't know what had happened.

My problem is we have had this before, and a single link between the South West and Bristol is just not good enough, there is no resilience.

I have to congratulate BT it only took 2 hours to resolve the problem, that was 2 hours that a lot of businesses on the South West peninsular was without Broadband, and in the 21st Century this is not good enough.

Let hope it doesn't happened again any time soon.

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