Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Up Selling

So up selling is a great way to increase profits.

Went to set up a new computer for a customer, they purchased it from a major supplier. They were up sold Office 2010 product activation key and new copy of Norton.

Now I am happy to up sell, but 2 points here. The customer already had an active subscription for the Anti-Virus so this was not needed.

The Office was even better, the computer they purchased had Office 2007 pre-installed, and the customer had a license for this. Even if they wanted to have Office 2010, the product key wouldn't have worked.

Just go careful what you purchase through an up sell, make sure you need it.

BT Again

Another slightly damp period and yet another blog post about BT.

To recap, earlier in the year, and so that I could get a stable Broadband connection BT changed the cable between here and the street side cabinet. That was fine whilst the sun was out, we have had a bit of rain over the last few weeks and so disaster struck!

Firstly our Broadband started dropping out, then our phone line was so unstable you cold not hear a thing.

Now my point here is if BT actually fixed the cable with what must have very dodgy insulation, then the change of cable and indeed the issues would then not happen.

So by the time it was organised for a report to be made to BT by our ISP, the circuit had dried out enough to enable the broadband to be considered to be stable.

I think this is a well it nearly is stable it still drops out but I guess losing your Broadband connection 3 or 4 times a day is better than only having a connection for 4 or 5 minutes a day!

The engineer did finally come out to sort the phone line, but he nearly didn't. I have tested it and all is fine, well back to the weather.!

He did come out and did replace a bit of cable, I question why he did this, the answer is simple because for the last 18 months I have been complaining to the chief Exec of BT office.

Now my broadband - 18 months ago we moved to an ADSL 2 platform, because of the distance from the exchange to us, i wasn't expecting any major speed increase but i have actually seen by 6.6Mb connection now deteriorated down to a measly 2.5Mb - I guess that is what BT call progress? If and when they start putting fibre down in Plymouth I guess we will see our speed disappear and revert back to dial up.

Honestly BT, you need to sort this out, along with all those other continual issues I know happen.
It must be cheaper to fix the issue than continually come and patch the cable up.

I am seriously considering switching my Broadband to a Business cable package, a little more expensive but hopefully a strong stable connection with some speed!

Sunday, September 05, 2010


It seems more and more people are now buying on price alone, so apart from the obvious that getting someone to fix the computer at the lowest possible price doesn't guarantee you a quality job.

I would like to point out almost all of the work we carry out is fixed price. So if you phone for a laptop screen and we quote a price that is the price you pay.

I will be taking this further with a range of pix & mix services, so business and even consumers will be able to pick what they need, and know that what they are going to pay for it. That is a guarantee.