Thursday, February 18, 2010

Data Security

Wow, at last my 100th Blog post, got here eventually.

recently a number of customers have started buying new computers, and they always want to know what they can use to make sure the data on the Hard Drive is gone for good.

We have been trying Active@ Killdisk. This is a great little tool, not too expensive, and the other tools on it allowing you to attempt to recover data are also useful. So far we have tried it on a couple of disc's and when trying to recover the data using our normal tools haven't been able to find anything. - to view their website go to

We are really busy with upgrades, small customers wanting to move to cloud computing, and large customers looking to migrate to new server hardware/software. However did everyone else see that BT are opening their ducting to the competition. Is this a case of if you can't beat them get your competition to use your equipment? Time will tell i guess but I am suspicious of it, but regular readers will know the issues I have had recently (and for recently read 12 months).

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