Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Late Night

Another late night last night, had to resolve an issue with a customers server, where the password complexity rules had been changed. On top of that we also had to install WSUS on this server.

For those who don't know WSUS, enables you to control the windows updates from your server. We have finished the download, and have approved some of the updates, but not all. Looks like my wish to have an extended break this weekend is disappearing.

We also picked up a few machines yesterday that were infested with viruses one of them wouldn't even boot up because of this. If the cost of a good anti-virus programme is putting you off don't let it. It is going to cost them more than that to have it cleaned and to stop it happening again it will need to have a AV product installed.

Got a couple of repairs to pick up this morning, and then a router swap out to do. Hopefully finish early this afternoon, and get these machines sorted tomorrow. Leaving Sunday and Monday free.

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