Monday, August 31, 2009

Busy Week Ahead

Well another busy week ahead, I hate bank holidays, we always end up having to squeeze 5 days work into 4!

Lots of feed back from Twitter, after SparksyOnRadio mentioned us on the Plymouth Breakfast show last week. Although people are now asking when are we going to be on TV.

Tomorrow, is going to be busy, machines that have been repaired Friday/Saturday to be returned, Ebay items to be dispatched, and a job for a webdesigner in setting up their clients email account.

All that along with the normal day to day stuff. Also Considering having to put up our prices for site visits, this is because of the governments rise of duty on fuel, another 2p along with the increase in VAT on the 1st January.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Another Late Night

Another late night last night, had to resolve an issue with a customers server, where the password complexity rules had been changed. On top of that we also had to install WSUS on this server.

For those who don't know WSUS, enables you to control the windows updates from your server. We have finished the download, and have approved some of the updates, but not all. Looks like my wish to have an extended break this weekend is disappearing.

We also picked up a few machines yesterday that were infested with viruses one of them wouldn't even boot up because of this. If the cost of a good anti-virus programme is putting you off don't let it. It is going to cost them more than that to have it cleaned and to stop it happening again it will need to have a AV product installed.

Got a couple of repairs to pick up this morning, and then a router swap out to do. Hopefully finish early this afternoon, and get these machines sorted tomorrow. Leaving Sunday and Monday free.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Busy Days

Site Survey Completed, start work at new customers site on Friday, get the issues resolved. And ahve another HAPPY Customer.

Also Completed the Logical Data Recovery last night, recovered the 60Gb of data that had been deleted. More intriguing is why this happened in the first place. The customer was cleaning up the hard drive using the windows tools. However the laptop had, had windows reinstalled by another Computer repair provider in Plymouth. Now instead of carrying out a windows repair they had reinstalled windows, and had left all of the users data in the old folder. Windows believing the 'Windows.old' folder was surplus to requirements just deleted it.

Although we can't name the company in question we probably get at least 2-4 machines in every month after they have had their hands on it, and caused a whole lot of issues.

Essentially another site survey to complete today, as we carry out a pre-installation checks for a customer who is getting a new Line of Business App installed in the next month or so. And some more pick ups.

Will try and get the last couple of pages uploaded for our web hosting customer. Kind of chuffed at last after many years of trying have managed to blog in consecutive days.

Friday Morning is looking busy, but hopefully we should complete this weeks work by early afternoon, and then going to try and take some time off during the long weekend.

May try on Sunday to rebuild our on line shop.!! Keep you posted here.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What a Busy Week - So Far!!!!

Well, I was hoping we would have a quiet week going into the Bank Holiday weekend!

Plans don't always go to plan, but it's been well worth it to date.

SO what have we been doing
  1. Updating a customers website - We used to carry out web design and still host websites. We still have a couple of customers, who we look after their websites. They have been busy creating and updating pages. SO these have all (well almost been done)
  2. Updating the lock out policy for a customer, You can control when your screen saver kicks in from Group Policy, unfortunately, that means if the policy changes we have to update it.
  3. A customer who is rushing through changes to a Line of Business Application, means we have been ensuring everything is set up correctly and have some work to do to make sure this all runs smoothly.
  4. The issue with a clients Internet connection look like it is fixed, we were out there yesterday. They get 4Mb and 600Kb which is twice the speed they used to get, and somewhere about 8 times more than they had during the last few months. This goes to prove that you need to keep on at your ISP to get the best, the ISP in question said it was there equipment at fault!
  5. Answering questions on Office,how do I password protect a document, how do I do this in Excel. Mostly with customer who have now got Office 2007, and can't use the Ribbon interface.

And today off to carry out a site survey at a new customers site.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

A Busy Week

Well, we had a very busy week last week.

Still working away at the Insurance quotes, but looking forward to a week of our core work. Working with small businesses to get them using IT and Technology in a suitable manner and giving them an advantage.

We have just completed a server rebuild we did last year. OK it seems a long time, but this customer has an SBS server, and weren't using the Exchange part of it at all. However we did the change over yesterday morning, and that has all gone smoothly, today I have installed Blackberry Professional Software for the 1 Blackberry they have in the business. Which will shortly be getting replaced by an I-Phone.

All that is left is to move their current messages into their exchange profiles. The reason I left this til last, they are currently on a hosted Exchange solution, and so just to make sure they don't lose any emails we have left it until tomorrow morning.

They have been thinking about Swine Flu, and moving everything on to their box, they can all work remotely should the need arise.

A few upgrades, and a network install for a Small Business to do next week. Bound to be more coming in during the week.