Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sky News Article

So a slow news day today! well on Sky at least as the top story is about dodgy computer repair shops!

Having read the article and the comments, it looks likely it is going to be a tough summer.

OK, facts

Yes what went on in the clip is totally wrong, but they only reported that 5 out of 6 didn't get find the fault, and then centred on the really bad case. Did either of the other 4 either try and charge for parts not required or access the private data (except for if needed to find the fault) and bearing in mind with the memory missing they wouldn't be able to boot the machine up.

Reading some of the comments like remove your hard drive prior to taking it in for repair, well what if the issue is down to the driver, which of course is located on the hard drive. A part (say the sound won't work) without being able to check the driver we could check the generic driver from our diagnostic software, if that works, we have to sign the job of as complete. Customer picks it up, still no sound, have we failed in this. No of course not we have checked and can't find a fault, the fault has been removed.

We had a case like this recently, we were informed the hard drive was failing, we took the drive out, and it powered up. We then cloned the drive before carrying out any other work. This way if the drive was failing we could restore the whole system. Finished the clone, plugged in the hard drive nothing. Further investigation it was due to a faulty memory module. New module inserted system booted, clone drive destroyed so no data on it.

Customer charged for the memory and the time taken to repair, slightly longer than normal due to the time taken to clone the drive. Customer Happy.

Remember we make a living out of doing these repairs, we are more than happy to look at something, and then give a quote but ultimately we need to be paid.

If you want a trusted computer repair then make sure your chosen company is a member of a Trade Body. We are a member of the newly formed TCA (Technology Channels Association) This was formed from the PCA (PC Association), and the MTA (Mac Technology Association), also ITACS is out there.

We don't carry out in depth repairs in the presence of customers, we do carry out simple repairs in homes and offices. It is all a question of trust. But the best thing you can do if your computer starts playing up is get it looked at by a professional, these are complex machines. A good Computer Technicain can make it look easy.

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