Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Technology & Politics

So here in Plymouth we have a hot debate going on about the use of Social Media, and directly twitter?

Why should the council block our elected representative from posting their thoughts and ideas, to those of us who voted for them. I read the original comment from the councillor who posted it, and instantly knew something would happen as a result. It was too close to the knuckle! But it was clear what the message really meant.

This week we had an article in the Plymouth Herald from a councillor as why Aussie soaps are bad for teenagers, in glamorising Teen sex and pregnancies. You should read some of the reply messages from the public.

This just goes to show it isn't the delivery media that is to blame, but the elected officials need to learn how to present to the media, and now how to get your point across in only a handful of characters.

Most of the posts from the person who kicked this off, comes from his phone/device, a lot of them when he is travelling, so a global ban isn't going to work. It is about time our Civil Servants and elected officials start to tell us the general public what is going on. And in what ever manor is suitable

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Extra Tax to have a phone line

So the UK Government announced a plan yesterday to charge an extra tax to have a phone line, to help cover the cost of the move over to fibre. This is to enable the 15% of the population who can't get over 2Mbps, and to move us up the League table (we are currently 7th) and to get to the top we need to get 100Mbps to the majority of the population. And simply with this plan it isn't going to happen!

Some of this money is also going to help fund regional news programmes on the Commercial Channel, and to my mind the key word here is Commercial, if it isn't commercially viable then it can't be run as a commercial concern and should be run as not for porfit community interest companies.

For me I will in the coming months look at what we have both personally and commercially in the way of phone lines, and we will reduce these lines by about 50%, I would urge everyone home users. or businesses to consider the line you have, and consider using the very thing that this is designed to improve, your broadband connection and use VoIP (Voice over IP)

Certainly the days of homes getting extra lines installed, just to have more than 1 phone line due to kids usign are gone. And remember this tax will be here to stay.

Personally I would perfer for the backbone to sold off from BT and sold to a commercial company to be run as a commercial concern, this may mean a slight increase in Broadband charges, but then at least those of us who use the net to extremes will be paying for it instead of evreyone paying for it regardless of your internet usage.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I told you so

I hate to ba an I told you so, but it appears that I was right at the start of the year that a platform that would see a rise in attack profile, would be the Mac. item about the latest threat.

Don't leave it to chance, if you have a mac you are at risk, get some protection on it, and do it today.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Firstly, it seems Microsoft has finally got round to sorting some of their security holes. On Tuesday MS released 10 new security patches for Office, Internet Explorer, and Operating systems.
Whist mentioning Operating Systems, Apple will release it next version (Snow Leopard) in September, the month before Microsoft's release of Windows 7.

We have been busy as well, our hosted email can now be on Exchange 2007, and we can offer a reduction if you already have an Outlook License. We are now also partners of WASP, and can provide a range of systems to scan items including EPOS.

We are also working on a new website for a local Cricket Club, which we hope to have up and running soon.

Friday, June 05, 2009

PC World Update

Well, after seeking legal advice! I went into the store yesterday and spoke to a Manager, who was really responsive, and should by now have spoken to most members of staff.

I hope this draws a line under the whole episode, and we can move on to it.

I will start to build a new Joomla based site this weekend for a local Cricket Club, so something to look forward too.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Busy couple of weeks

It's been a few busy couple of weeks.
Been doing data recovery, System repairs, Virus removals, and busy talking to a few businesses about taking out a monitoring and support contract.

The down side has been that PC World are continuing to tell people we are bust and gone. This leaves me with no option but to speak to our solicitor tomorrow, and try and get something sorted to prevent this immediately.

Any other IT providers near a PC World store need to keep an eye out as I believe this may be a way of them to try and get market segment from us smaller guys.