Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dirty tricks

We all know that being in Business at the moment is like riding a roller coaster without the safety harness. But a certain National chain of PC shops, is stooping to an all time low.

Yesterday a friend of mine who runs an IT Company over heard somebody in the Business Centre saying that Limbtec had gone bust, and a lot of our customers had been in their in the last couple of days.

Firstly most of my customers wouldn't be seen dead in this store, but for them to just mention this regardless is just sickening. And until I can identify the person they can't do anything.

Well I can, I can and will, and am going public on this. However for our customers and anyone looking for quality IT in and around Plymouth we are open for business, and are doing OK at the moment, (Looking at having one of our best ever months).

Friday, May 15, 2009


Email is a critical form of communication for businesses.

However Email is not a guaranteed form of communication!

Just because you send an email and it departs your inbox, it doesn't mean it is going to be delivered to the intended recipient. We are spending ages working for customers who want to make sure the email turns up.

But think about the pat the email takes, it may only take seconds or minutes, but it is a complex path.

  1. You type your email, and hit send
  2. it gets sent to your email server
  3. the server then checks where it has to go and sends it
  4. it wonders through the web to get to the recipients domain server.
  5. the recipients email server then checks who it is for, and sticks it in the correct mailbox

Now where could it go wrong? simply at every stage.

And something we have noticed recently even if the recipient receives the email, it doesn't mean they are going to get it all. We send out all out invoices as PDF's attached to an email.

All our emails are received but a couple of our regular customers either don't receive the PDF or they can't open the PDF. No reason why, but they can't and so for those customers we either have to resend it, separately from the accounts package, or stick the invoice in the post.

A lot of the issues are almost certainly down to packages to try to stop SPAM, finally I will leave you with one piece of advice.

If it is an important email, send it but follow it up with a phone call to make sure it has been received.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009


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A Busy Month

April was a busy month. We were busy with all sorts of issues.
we have been replacing laptop screens at the rate of about 2 a week, and it is amazing what hits these to cause them to break! Our recommendation is if you aren't using your laptop close the lid, and place the laptop out of the reach of Children and animals. This should help you save around £100. Yes it is repairable, and the price comes in around £100 depending on Screen size.

A network install, which still isn't complete. BT are such a pain it is about time that BT Realise how important a Broadband connection is to business. It is no longer a nice to have, in business it is essential.

A high number of Hard Drive failurers, a stunning amount of drive failurers. Whilst these will happen make sure you have your data backed up, being able to restore your data makes the whole process so much less painful.