Friday, February 13, 2009


Why oh Why are BT so useless???

This week our telephone exchange (for our home phone) was upgraded from 20CN to the new 21CN (This is the new backbone of the BT infrastructure). This went really well for most of our customers, but our line took 24 hours to migrate, and then when it was complete our Broadband still didn't work. They (BT) sent out a phone engineer who tested the line, and yes the phone worked. (We knew this) what I wanted was to get my Broadband working. I needed a Broadband Engineer! We phoned up the wholesaler who said they would pass our message on as it was obvious that the splitter at the exchange had failed, it was either that or that our filter had failed in the house (Something we had tested).
Once this was passed on, the fault was fixed, we are now on the new network. Now all I have to do is summons up the courage to move from ADSL to ADSL 2. To see what speed we can get out of the line.

But please BT so often you send out the wrong type of engineer, train up more Broadband engineers.

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