Sunday, January 18, 2009

Nasty Worm

We have spent the vast majority of the last ten days cleaning up computers, from worm and viruses. Some have been the worm mentioned in the title above, linked from the BBC.

Simple steps to keep your computer secure.
  1. Ensure you patch your software, not only the Microsoft ones, but from any vendor.
  2. Make sure you have security software installed
  3. Make sure this software is up to date
  4. Ensure you carry out a full scan at least once a week
  5. Make sure your firewall is configured correctly and turned on

This will make it harder for any attack, What we find is often these threats come in through a Peer 2 Peer product (such as Limewire).

We are aiming to blog twice a week from now on, hopefully on Wednesday, and Sunday. But then again

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