Friday, April 11, 2008

Busy week

What a busy week! Well a busy couple of weeks.
We've been installing new computers, network equipment and printers.

We have also had some major issues, with Line Of Business applications running on windows Vista. This is in all honestly the first major issue we have had with Vista, and in this case we wouldn't had recommended these computers to the customer.

We have also been completing the migration of our online back up customers to our new platform, a job which was completed this afternoon. It still amazes me that so many businesses don't backup. What will happen when you suffer from a data loss? It will happen at some time.

Also we are seeing our hosted anti-spam solution take off, we have recently had a customer who on one email address was receiving over 6000 emails a day of which about 20 were good emails the other 5980 or so were spam.

Also saw our first data recovery which we could not recover any data from. The hard drive was totally trashed, still at least the owner was understanding.

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