Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What's next

OK not strictly technical, but thought I would share this publicly.

We have been approached by several local IT companies recently wanting to purchase our company.

Why have i decided to share this. Well firstly just to make sure there aren't too much confusion. And secondly to reassure our customers.

I rejected both bids without any thought for 2 reasons
Firstly we are a family run company and for the foreseeable future this will continue, and secondly we focus on quality and not quantity. I'm not saying the companies involved do a bad job, but to extend their business they are looking for quantity and I firmly believe that quality will suffer.

We will be growing this year. But we are still weighing up our options. However we decide to grow we will not let quality suffer, and indeed will actually be looking to improve quality by growth.

I will be keeping you posted on this first here on the blog.

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