Thursday, February 15, 2007

VAT On-Line

I'm fuming mad!!

History - my VAT return is due, no big fuss here it happens to all registered businesses. I have been paying on line for a while now. However they have stopped sending out the paper copies.

Today - I now haven't had a prompt to supply my return, (no paper copies remember) and today 15th of February is the first day I have had a chance to compile the figures!

So go to log on to submit the return, and then start 40 minutes of frustration. Eventually ending with a message telling me that the system isn't currently available complete with a link to a page where I can check the status of services. Except on this page the Evat service is fully available.

My problem is that when will the system be up and running. No good emailing them they have a 15 working day response time (3 weeks) my return is due in 2. What happens if they can't get the service up and running!!!

Another example of bad use of technology by our government.


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