Friday, November 10, 2006

NO Hi-Tec here

OK, a post not about good use of technology but bad use, and bad customer service.
Not from us, but The Royal Mail.

We did not receive any post yesterday, and a late post today. So I phoned up to complain, I have payments due so always watch carefully.

It started out OK, then I got told that the post bag for our address was stolen. OK this happens, so I asked why were we not told about it. We don't have the means to do that.

OK lets examine this -

They have the technology to know within seconds of having our postcode that the bag was stolen, and they deliver mail to the door, they have a website, but they can't tell customers that they may or may not have had mail stolen!

They have computers, and so have the possability to have a short template letter explaining that they have had a bag stolen, it contain mail for this area which may or might not be for you. If you are expecting mail and it hasn't been delivered please contact.....
They have the method of delivery as well, instead of posting the mail the batch of letters could be printed and delivered to the postie within what 30 minutes, and the postie could deliver these instead of the post that has been stolen.

The website could have a simple search put your postcode in and get a webpage with similar content to the letter.

Not difficult to do, or implement. However when I pressed for an answer on how they were contacting their customers about this, I was told I was getting rude and that he was going to terminate the call.

Just because I wanted to know what they were doing to inform their customers!!!!!

Come on the royal mail get your act sorted now, I'm off to print some letters that say our post was stolen please call 08457740740 and aske where it is why it wasn't delivered and why the royal mail didn't contact us to inform us of this.

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