Friday, October 06, 2006

It's been a long time

It's been a long time, but we have been extremely busy.

several items, BT - we eventually managed to get an engineer out to look at this issue, it has been working since. (Until it started raining again. It seems to be tied into rain, will BT ever manage to check their equipment for the big hole which is obviously letting rain into the circuit somewhere)

Windows Vista -
Ok after paying for an extra GB of memory for my laptop I have got Windows Vista and Office 2007 running on my Laptop.

Several issues - That MS has yet to answer.
Why does RealPlayer not run?
Why can I not find a driver that runs with my 3G data card?

Lets face it, almost everyone has real player installed so why doesn't it work???
One of the supposed selling points of Vista will be mobility, well I'm no longer mobile on my laptop.

Symantec took out a full page ad in the FT recently, because of the way that Vista locks down the kernel. Whilst I believe this is a good thing MS need to let AV Manufactures know about it, so they can get their products working with Vista.

Between the RealPlayer, and the AV issue I believe MS are heading towards another battle with the EU. Another defeat for them. If anybody knows of any drivers that work with the Vodafone 3G card please let me know.

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