Friday, August 18, 2006


We would have added a new post yesterday, if BT had not ruined our whole working day.

Apparently they had to carry out emergency work, this emergency work last ed 6hours, during which we lost our internet connection. A connection which had no problems at all prior to BT 's interference.

at 5PM 1 hour 45 minutes after the work should have been completed, we started to get patchy connectivity, which was full connectivity by 5.30 Only problem was none of our equipment which had not been touched was working.

We firstly had to reconfigure the router, which got us back to internet connectivity, still no email and our phones (VoIP) weren't working.

It took a whole lot of configuration and upto 8.30 last night before full connectivity was restored.

How do you get around this issue, having BB on another line wouldn't have worked as all lines go the same way, and so both lines would have been out.

I think after looking long and hard at it during the hours of yesterday when no real work was carried out, the only way to have fast internet access from our location was the way we worked through 3G data cards. Not the most cost effective method. The only other option (NOT) was to move for the day.

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