Tuesday, August 01, 2006


Are we seeing the problems of free broadband packages.

In the last 2 weeks I have seen a number of issues crop up and customers ringing us to see what we could do. I won't name these 4 different ISP's but if you work in customer services you could learn a lot here.

  1. Customer looses internet - contact the ISP and they say yes something has broken it is going to be 3 days before it is fixed. Customers son decides the real issue is that their router is too warm. Customer phones us, yes your router may be warm, but if they say they have a problem they have a problem when it is fixed your internet will be working again.
  2. Customers Router blows up - ISP says we can send you down a new one for tomorrow or you could source one locally, which is where we arrive on the scene with new router. However the explosion has caused problems with the line which the Telco gets fixed the next morning.
  3. Customer looses internet, and contacts the ISP as they are in the middle of a migration, no everything should be working, check the configuration of your modem, (we don't support the one you are currently using) Which is where we arrive on the scene. Having checked the router config, we phoned the ISP on behalf of the customer and informed them they had a problem, with their authentication. Oh hang on one second yes we do. It will be fixed soon.
  4. 2 months of a problem with the connection. ISP would not even log a fault, then we had break through we spoke to somebody that cared, this one is not yet fixed, but hopefully it will be soon.
Which ones where the free ISP's

Answer 3 and 1

BT is the ISP which has caused the biggest issue. And should be ashamed.

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