Thursday, January 13, 2005


Not my normal technical stuff here but
I received a letter today threatening to cut my Sky+ off if I did not connect both boxes to my telephone line.

Ok I know it is in their Terms and Conditions, but both boxes are plugged in to the telephone line, the insulation engineer did it.

Now this is where the problem began, the engineer who caused about £100 structural damage to my house. The same engineer who nearly broke his neck jumping from my garden path in through my back door.

After a few minutes on the phone it was apparent that the problem was down to a poor installation. I have my phone number with held, well the Sky system needs 1470 to be entered so it register the calls.

But the real killer is it is still my fault, the engineers don't know that a customer has their number with held.

Now 2 points sky should remember.

1. They carry installation tests, why is 1 of these not the telephone call back test I carried out yesterday, they just check it is connected to an active line.

2. When anyone from my company may be doing an installation of equipment that requires communications via telephone line, I expect them to make sure it does. It is their fault if it doesn't work not the customer's

I doubt Sky will do anything about it, but at least everyone now knows about their sloppy service

by the way if you want to remove the 1470 after the 12 months are up go to services then press 4 then press 01 followed by select this will bring up a hidden menu one of the items there is telephone and upon selecting thicket second box down contains the number.

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