Thursday, January 06, 2005


Doing reasonably well with the New Year Resolutions, however as I don't smoke, and am not over weight, and don't drink a great deal, it means I can stay clear of the normal resolutions.

I am working very hard in getting my company sorted, and am now nearly done, what I would have done in a month last year this week. OK it is helped a lot by the fact people are only just about getting to grips with work so I am starting to see a lot of requests coming through.

Time will tell next week I suspect. However I have been dealt a slight blow. Well is suspect before Boxing day it would have been a Hugh blow, but things are very much in perspective at the moment. I have to have a new engine put into my car. Such a big expense for early in January, but one I can cope with.

Set up my server to use NTP to set the time correctly from Cambridge University.
and that was about the extend of my technical use today.

More tomorrow, or not if I'm lucky a quiet day!!

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