Tuesday, January 04, 2005


After more than a month I have finally got our copy of Panda Business Secure Anti-Virus working.
Thanks to the technical support team.

A couple of points when installing the program's on a network which includes ISA server and Windows XP SP 2 desktops.

Isa needs to have the following ports open TCP 80 and 53. Also in the Proxy settings make sure the username is in the following format domain name\username

On any desktops which have windows XP SP2 installed make sure you open up the following port TCP 19226.

This port allows communication between the desktop and the server. All should work with this configuration, I have suggested that the FAQ's are made a little more clearer, (ie all on one sheet) Hopefully this will be done it has certainly been recommended. I still believe that Panda is currently one of the best AV products around. I am after all a reseller, something I will not do unless I use it myself.

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